06 May 2009

Faux Terra Cotta Composter

My husband's natural inclination, upon seeing the utilitarian black, heavy plastic items I bring home, is to turn up his aristocratic nose (can an Irish nose be aristocratic? Someone enlighten me!). I don't blame him -- my first composter was big, black and industrial-looking. My second was big and industrial, although it was green. And my current composters -- outdoors and vermi -- are, again, big and black and plastic. Ditto for my rain barrels, which he will not allow in the front of the house, or anywhere anyone but me can see them.

While this doesn't bother me a bit, I do see his point about aesthetics. It would be nice -- not necessary, but nice -- if my composters and rain barrels added to the general decor, rather than subtracting from it. This wouldn't mean I'd get rid of the big, black plastic I've got -- just that I'd be allowed to showcase somewhere other than the basement.

Enter Algreen Products. This has to be the nicest looking composter out there (aside from those delicious pots from Daily Dump in India).

I'm not sure how well this composter works -- it isn't open on the bottom (how will beneficial insects get in?), I'm not sure how big the door is for retrieving compost, and it looks pretty small.

However, on the plus side, it's got a storage area at the bottom with a spout for removing compost tea. That's really cool. Although again, how will beneficial insects help the decompostition?

Ah well, it's lovely. They've even got a matching rain barrel, with room for plants on top instead of a cover. Ahhhhhhh.

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