11 April 2009

Not what my husband thinks it is

As much as I love my kitchen waste collection bin, it just can't beat what Daily Dump came up with.

Daily Dump is a group based in India with the goals of helping homeowners handle their organic waste in an earth-friendly way.

Daily Dump sells gorgeous pottery composters, some of which are pictured here, and they also offer services to help homeowners who are new to composting. Services include set-up, demonstration, pot painting, monthly or weekly maintenance including sieving of finished compost, and crisis visits.

Daily Dump will also buy back any pottery composter, if a homeowner decides to stop using it, and will also buy excess compost, if a homeowner doesn't need it all.

I'm flabbergasted. And excited. And disappointed these composters are only sold in India.

How is it in that in the US, indoor composters look like this:

And in India, they look like this: (people not included)

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