05 February 2009


So I've enjoyed composting over the years. Perhaps more so than my family. After all, I'm the one who mostly takes out the trash, so I can tell how much less we're creating. I'm the one who is most in the kitchen, so I can tell that our trash no longer smells (unless there's uncooked meat/wrapping in the bin). I'm the one who treks out to the outdoor bin on a twice-weekly basis with an under-sink bin brimming with organic waste. And I'm the gardener who appreciates using free compost and almost-compost to fill raised beds for growing spring and summer vegetables.

But we live in Chicago; half the year (it feels like) our outdoor bin is covered in snow. Time for something new. Time to appreciate Chicago in all its cold wonderfulness and embrace the challenge of a true Chicago winter.

Time for worms.

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