01 February 2009

And there's location

I forgot to mention something that actually was quite important to Pete: location of the bins. I had reasonably assumed that locating the bin close to the house, making it convenient, would be a good thing. It was a good thing -- for the mice. In fact, it was a very good thing for the mice who found the bin and then found their way under my kitchen sink. I won't post a picture of what that area looked like, but trust me, it was no where as neat and tidy as the picture I am posting. (Note: I think the white-footed mouse is our culprit.)

I rapidly moved the bin to an edge of our property. I called the Village first though. Depending on where you live, your town/city/village may have views, codes or opinions on composting. The nice fellow who answered my call told me Glenview didn't have anything in writing, but he was all for the attempt.

And that's why the bin is shown far from the house in a picture posted earlier, and that's also why Pete had some hesitation about me bringing a bin indoors -- the vermicomposter. As you shall see, he was overcome by logic and cuteness.

(Jumping ahead -- I put the vermicomposter in the laundry room. That's on the same level as our family room, but no one would ever know it. My mom, who has a nose in a million, never made a comment when she was here a few weeks ago.)

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