07 May 2009

I am what I am

Got a question about the title of the blog, Really Fat Babies. When we renovated our house in 2007, I took a ton of pictures and posted them at smugmug so the family could see what we were up to. One week, a lot happened but I couldn't see it behind big hanging plastic, so I substituted a picture of the babies instead (of course, they weren't babies by that point, but I love the series of baby pictures of the two of them).

In case you can't tell, the baby on the left is my nephew August. This is August now.

The baby on the right is my daughter Katie. This is Katie now.

They were pretty fat way back when.

Anyway, I really liked the title Really Fat Babies, because I am one. Fat because of the stuff I've got, and the litter I create, and Baby because of my total lack of understanding cause and effect, at least until a few years ago. Duh, we create waste, and duh, it needs a place to go. And complete Duh, we could create a lot less waste and find a better place & use for it to go.

I wasn't planning to blog until I spoke with a teacher at my daughters' school, and she mentioned vermicomposting and the desire to use it in her classroom. Hasn't happened, and probably won't, since the principal thinks it would unleash a bacterial war in the building (whahat?). But I thought it would be a good idea to blog about my attempt at it, maybe to help her out, mostly because I like writing.

So here I am. A Really Fat Baby.

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